Wednesday, March 21, 2018

My Favorite Superhero

I miss the days when I didn't care about superheroes. Not that they were long. I was pretty into them ten years ago. I blame Iron Man, never saw the movie because I never cared. But everyone loved it.
And then the franchises stared.

I didn't want to go see The Avengers, if I remember correctly. The fact that it's got a pretty boring start and I was sitting next to a guy going to town on his popcorn (I hope his girlfriend knew the Heimlich maneuver), ended up annoying me all the more.
I'm not sure when my opinion changed though I do recall a few birthday parties later in which I went on about Thor and Captain America.
(But we'd probably have to look at what my cousin once asked me, was I talking about the characters or the actors?)

They've grown on me over time, but I think total credit goes to a book- because of course it would- Margaret Stohl's Black Widow: Forever Red. At the time I read it I still didn't know half the names she was mentioning. "Who's Bruce? Oh, right him."
There was also a Halloween party at the time where "Captain America" ran into me, was told it was Winter Solider, no idea what that meant.

You'd think this was a lead up to announcing Black Widow, I did buy a shirt after reading the book. And I'm so there if they give her a movie but...
well, we do have the same name.

that's a bracelet I was hoping to make and sell but couldn't get just right
Not that that's a reason. (Though I do always joke that my mom named me after her.) I'm a fan of mythology so naturally I'm going to go for the daughter of Zeus.
And the goddess Diana is the goddess of the Amazons so there's that too. Mythology nerd through and through on this one.

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