Saturday, March 24, 2018

Pet Peeve(s)

I just looked up lists of pet peeves and now I want to make one. Or really just take and agree from those.
Really it's better than me going about just one.

1. People who chew loudly. It's like a dog with peanut butter!

I will admit to being guilty of talking with my mouth full, but other than only doing so in front of people I have that kind of a relationship with, maybe don't make me talk so much when I'm eating?

2. Spelling or pronouncing words the way they sound. It's the not "da."

3. Posting pictures of your dog as if it were your child. It's a cute dog it really is, but well, do you really need to take daily pictures?

4. Speaking of daily pictures. Daily selfie takers. Unless you live alone and you want everyone to know you're alright there's really no point.

5. Saying "You don't mind right?" but not really caring about the response because they're going to do it anyway.

6. Repeating catch phrases or slogans. Not even the Dos Equis guy was saying "I don't always drink Dos Equis..." at the end.

7. Guys revving their car's engine. It's obnoxious, no one is impressed.

8. Too much perfume.  It's like giving a five year old body splash, they will use half in two days.

That goes for both men and women, but I will admit to being attracted to a guy's cologne but I've yet to encounter any who wear so much I can smell them a mile away. Except that one guy who walked by me once.

9. Repeating the same thing as if no one heard. I heard you, it wasn't funny the first time. Also telling the same story over and over.

10. Having to repeatedly introduce myself to the same person. Don't say nice to "meet you" when this is, like, our eighth encounter.

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