Sunday, March 25, 2018

Songs for Every Mood

I just realized that I should have been checking where I originally planned these posts because a few have been missing stuff.
Much like many of my posts throughout the years.

The only reason I even checked now is because I didn't want to do the post I had scheduled for today and was looking for another idea.

Pretty sure this one didn't make the original cut since it's too similar to my 30 Song Challenge, but considering there were so many I would have like to mention.

Besides I've mentioned before that I have a genre for every mood, now would be a good time to categorize.

Let's start with my usual cycle:

Happy: Pretty much anything, but especially electro swing, or showtunes.

When something/one upsets me: Classic rock

If things don't improve it leads to: Classical or instrumentals:

And then when I'm pushed to the brink: Opera

Once I make it out of whatever I'm going through: Country

When I'm listening to Brad Paisley I know all is well.

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