Friday, March 16, 2018

Why "Little Miss Drama Queen"?

The countdown to my final week has officially started! (The banner says my last 30 days but really it's 30 days until my last 7.)

Since it's my final month (until my final week) I decided to do another challenge, (like my 30 Song Challenge that has been counting down the weeks since October) which will mainly consist of me talking about, well, me. I said my goodbyes to Top Ten Tuesdays last week, I had a few reviews scheduled but I'm still unsure if they'll be going up (I kind of feel like I should post at least one more just so I know it was my final review written here; I'll still be writing them elsewhere), I'm still doing It's Monday! posts but everything else, was pretty nonexistent this pas year. I hate even thinking about it. When I decided that this would be my last year I wanted to give so much more but ended up with practically nothing.

Maybe that's what inspired this month. Nah, I don't know what inspired it, all I know is that I wanted to give a little more of myself before the end.

So to start off the countdown, I procrastinated so much that I've had to rearrange a few things but I like that idea of starting off with the story behind this blog name.

I am/have been a bit of a drama queen. In the past I have admitted to considering myself a "self-proclaimed" drama queen since I was 12, and that's true; but it wasn't until sometime in high school that I kind of started liking the idea of using that as a label for myself.

The Little Miss part came when I realized that my initials are DLM and if you put the D at the end it's LMD = Little Miss Drama.

That also explains my former Twitter handle @LMD129. (The 129 is my birthday: 1/29)
(If you're looking for me now I'm @DeAAHna).

That was the story I gave when asked about my blog name during the Bloggers Love-a-thon back in 2015, (is that still a thing? I kind of hope not, if only because I feel excluded since I haven't heard about it since that year. More on that in a later post.)

I remember sharing the story and hoped it was longer- I really have been distracted this week so a ready to copy+paste story would have been great- but no, and maybe a longer version of it is somewhere on this blog but I didn't find it.
Really in the time I took to look for it I probably could have written it; but part distracted, part mental breakdown earlier this week, huge chunk crappy weather bringing me down.

It was true about deciding on the label in high school, (I didn't have a lot going on) what the label would be for I don't know. It's also very true that I've been a drama queen since I was 12, people would constantly tell me; as if it were a bad thing.
Pretty sure now the equivalent would be being called a bitch, but again, is that a bad thing?
And if I'm being driven to "making a dramatic scene," clearly someone had to do the steering to get me there!

As I go into this story I feel/know it's been told before and wish I could find out when because not only would it be a timesaver but it would be much more accurate.

The name Little Miss Drama Queen was tied to a lot of things I did at the time I started this blog. Well mainly my video work. So that was just the name that went with whatever I was doing at the time. I don't think too much thought went into it when I decided to start blogging. I liked that sound of it, I had the image for it. And it's been exactly what I wanted it to be.

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