Wednesday, April 11, 2018

As I Write or More Like HOW I Write

I've been writing in a journal since I was 9 or 10. My first was a Lisa Frank diary with penguins on the cover given to me by my dad for Christmas. (Though I'm pretty sure I went to the store and picked it out.) Sadly of all my journals this is the only one I got rid of, because, really, it was just the illegible ramblings of a preteen. (Hey Paul! And possibly Shane. Still kind of hate you Gaby.)
It's unfortunate because not only were there some pretty interesting things written about this Paul (he was 1 of maybe 4, as it is I might still be interested in the last one) but because in the intro page where you could list all your favorite things at the end it was your goals and mine was to be a photographer.

I'm a photo editor! That's like one step short of photographer! How cool is that?
(Don't think I remember actually writing that, 9 years ago I didn't have anything going on so decided to type up that diary and recently found that file saved on my computer. Though I do remember writing something similar in a All About Me book. Which is why I was so excited about getting one for my niece.)

The point of this tangent was: if you want something go for it, don't quit unless you know for sure it's not something you really want and you can achieve better.
Well, actually, it was a promise to 9 year old me that next year when we hit the 20th anniversary of me writing that, I will be working full time in photography.
But that message sounds better.

Inspirational moment over, back to my original point: I've been writing in a journal for 18 years. And while the last seven haven't been as consisted I still try.
The one thing that has been consistent: My annoyance with the way I write. It's so sloppy! I almost lost my mind the year someone gave be a journal with blank pages as a birthday gift. It did, thankfully, improve by the end; but those first few months, it was horrible! I'm kind of having a similar problem because my current journal (also given to me) has lines but they're so spaced I could feel like I'm wasting the page since I know I could write more.

Yes, I color coordinate. (Someone once tried to make fun of me for having those multi-colored pens because they're "for 5th graders" but who cares I like my colors.)
Looking at that picture I feel like my writing can be worse but also better. I've always admired (and envied) people who write so neatly.

It's one thing I'd like to change about myself. I even took up calligraphy, both to improve my writing and because I think it's a pretty cool thing to know.

 It looks good now but, of course, when sitting in a class looking at how well everyone else was doing it I hated it.

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