Thursday, April 19, 2018

Favorite Books Reviewed

In the past seven years I have written 205 reviews. And looking back I definitely have my favorites, that's both favorite books and favorite reviews. Some are crazy some are pretty profound, like was that really me? Some I barely remember.

Most Reviewed Author: Meg Cabot with 12 books. (Surprise, surprise.)
Second Most Reviewed: Tie Between Karen Ann Hopkins and Christine Amsden both with 6 books. (Christine Amsden totally could have won because I have her new book waiting to be read.)
Most Viewed Review: Wanted by Betsy Schow. (Thanks to my Pinterest link and everyone loving the cover.)

Before I get on with the list I just want to give a quick thanks to all authors and publishers who've given me a chance to review their books, it's been such a wonderful opportunity. And an extra special thank you to authors who came back I absolutely loved working with you. 
Just because my time with this blog has come to an end doesn't mean I won't be reading or reviewing so I'm still here for all of you.

In no particular order: (Though hindsight it should be alphabetical just to make it easier one me.)

This wasn't one of my favorite reviews, (I was still fairly new, and it was one of my first) but it's definitely one of my favorite book given to me for that purpose. And also the first I gave 5 stars to.

These two are really special to me.
I still remember what they both made me feel.

This book was so good! I was remembering it the other day and oh my gods! Read it!

This might be one of my longest reviews, and I still probably could have said more. It took me months to get over it.
This trilogy was there for me when I was dealing with one of my many hard times.

I read this in 2013 and still think about it.

It'd be weird to say this one is my favorite considering, but I loved it so much!

Favorite book of 2014. Yet another I was thinking about the other day, though this one was because of the song I attached to it.

It might be easier to list the one's I don't constantly think about.

I originally gave this 4 stars but later changed it to 5.

One thing I'm realizing about these books is that they all have that special uniqueness to them, no two are alike.

I still hate what these two did to me. And, of course, I'm looking forward to the third that was announced because apparently I'm a fan of being torn apart. Pretty sure I refused to give them 5 stars because of what they put me through. Sorry.

!!! I've gone on and on and on about why these books are so special to me. And, again, thank you to Meg Cabot (and the possible powers that be) for not only letting me review this book but for just giving me the chance to read it as a reader.

Another favorite review.

I recently had a hard time with two other Meghan Quinn books but we're working our way back to me putting her books on my lists of favorites. I don't think I realized how much the characters in this one meant to me until it hit me. Hard.
Also side note: I think Meghan Quinn takes the title for most books mentioned/promoted on this blog.

Oh hello again Meg. This is not the last time we'll be seeing you. (12 books reviewed don't be surprised.

I loved this one so much! It goes so deep.

That didn't take long.

This took me back to what it's like falling in love with a book.

This book left me with such a bad hangover, I kind of hated it for that. 2014 was the year of book hangovers for me, it sucked (truly) and is probably why I still have trouble starting some books today.

I call this the first book I received for review but it was, like, maybe the fourth. It's the one I will always remember so that's even better than being first.

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