Saturday, April 7, 2018

I Am Me Because...

I am me because...
I don't march to the beat of my own drum, I dance to it. And it's a tribal drum.

I'm not afraid of what people might think of me. I do something dorky in public it's probably a quick moment of embarrassment then I move on because whatever, who cares.

I do my own thing and have my own style.
Florals are in? Well I'm wearing gingham. Gingham makes me look like a "country girl," then get me my boots.
You think you're being clever by saying I look like a country girl, hippie, rocker, Cleopatra, California girl, Hawaiian, British/Scottish/New Yorker (all the same outfit) you're not and I will tell you.

I can make art out of almost anything.
Life gives me a Barbie head I make my next art project.

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I'm out there. And love what I love no matter what anyone else thinks.
Movie from when my grandmother was 9? It's an instant favorite
TV show from when my mother was 9? Why not?

You think reading is boring. I think you're the boring one.
You can't stand country music. Like reading you're probably not doing it right. At least with the good songs, avoid any that are all about partying and drinking.

You think going out for a few drinks is a fun night. I'll go to the bar with you if you go to a book event with me.

I'm not what people think I should be. And I never will be. If anything I get a trill from going against the grain.
You think I should spend a guy because we're both single. No thank you.
You want me to stay away from a guy, instant confidence boost.

In a word: I'm weird.

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