Sunday, April 15, 2018

Letter To 21 Year Old Me, Written by 24 Year Old Me, With Help From 28 Year Old Me

2018 Note: This letter were previously posted February 16, 2014, as part of the Love-a-thon

Dear 21 year old new blogger, or Me. Whatever you prefer: Wait, I was 21 when I started!?

I honestly can't say what is going through your mind with this blog. Sorry to say that that is not going to change. Nope, it never will.
I'm starting to think we'll never know what goes though our mind when we do anything. If anyone asks; you're an artist you don't have to explain yourself.
Hell you don't have to explain yourself period! Still, true!

In one of your first post you said that you're not sure when you'll feel like this blog is ready. Well, I hate to tell you this but either that moment past and you didn't even realize it happened or almost three years later it still hasn't happened.
I think it has though. I just didn't see it. What does "ready" even mean? You'll have a good run; don't worry.

I wasn't exactly sitting around waiting.
You're blogging for you I remember that much, (And don't you forget it!) and I also remember the promise of not sugar coating anything. Warning: for some odd reason the negative reviews you write are more likely to be found by the author than any positive. Note: there won't be too many negative reviews. They won't be worth the blog space. And good news: a few of your favorite authors (cough cough Meg Cabot) will see the positive reviews and respond.
But it'll end well. Thankfully we've yet to have any disputes with authors or bloggers. And you never will.

You will say some things that will cause people to maybe think you are implying something you're not or have them respond in a way that makes you think they're trying to start something. Story of our life hun.
But again you're blogging for you, and when you revisit the things you've written you'll find them pretty funny.
Honestly the things that come out of our mind. We're pretty crazy. But our writing style does improve to a point that when we look back it's kind of hard to believe that was us.

It'll take almost three years for you to start all the ideas you're thinking of but you get there. Meh. And you'll still be a small blogger in a big pond, but that's alright. You don't need to be a big fish, just take what you've gotten and know that the only way to go is up.
Take it at whatever pace you want, there's no real need to hurry.

A wiser sounding but not as advanced 24 year old you. With add-ons from a still not so advanced 28 year old you.
PS you do fine without Dr Pepper.

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