Thursday, April 5, 2018

My "Work Space"

No I haven't run out of ideas.
I'm just desperate.

What do I want more in my future house than a library? A creative work space. One that isn't right next to, or even in the same room as my bed.
I got really mad one day last year and created a Pinterest board devoted to the idea. It really mellowed me out, more so than pictures of places I'd like to visit. And it helped me decide on the wall d├ęcor of that future space: famous self-portraits.

I don't have a happy place to work right now, and I probably won't for a long while, like I said I'm in the same room as my bed that feels more like a storage shed.

Every so often I'll get mad and throw everything on the floor and clean up from there. That's about the only good that comes from that anger, I clean. (This picture is from a few months ago so it's not that bad anymore.)

Then there's my desk, which, unlike the dresser which really is just a waste of space, I always make sure I can find.

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