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Something/One That Had an Impact in My Life

I'm going to cheat with today's post because I've already discussed this topic before; so from one of my Meg-a-Readers post:

Meg & I: How Meg [Cabot] Got Me Through
Originally Posted: May 20, 2015

I already shared the story of how I first discovered Meg Cabot so for today I just want to share the journey her books have taken me on.

Easier said than done probably.

Like I mentioned in my Princess Diaries post, for a long while Mia was really my only friend in middle school. I did eventually find new, better, friends. (I'm not just saying that because the previous friend ditched me, this group really was about the friendship, save that story for another day though.)

Unfortunately the friendship only lasted 8th grade because we ended up going separate ways. (By "we" I mean me, they've yet to lose touch as far as I know.) And I started high school all on my own.
The problem with high school was that I knew a lot of people there, some even from first grade, but I never connected with them. Again story for another day.

My point is that all I had was Meg. And my journal. I am constantly thanking Meg in my posts for making me a writer. And its an obvious influence, I had just started writing in a new journal when I first read The Princess Diaries and you can definitely tell when I started following Mia's writing style.
You can even see it in the amount of side notes I throw in here. (Although I can't help but notice it happens more when I am talking about Meg Cabot.)

While reading Royal Wedding it happened again. I found myself wanting to write in a journal, something I haven't done consistently for maybe 5 years. That means that a book that normally would have taken me six months to fill now took ("takes" really because I'm still trying to jump back in the habit) about three years.

Meg Cabot makes me want to try new things. I could probably make a list of things inspired by her.

I could probably make a list of things I've already done because of her.
1. Watch Rocky Horror and Dirty Dancing.
2. Keep a journal longer than I probably would have.
3. Read!

Off the top of my head.

Can I add question my existence? Because I will never be half as awesome as any of her characters. If I ever hoped to be someone when I grew up it was definitely them.
And I have no problem admitting to that.

This was actually why I sometimes had a love/hate relationship with Mia.
They all had so much going on. And me, well I had Meg Cabot books. Hell, sometimes my life is still like that!

As I also said in my Princess Diaries post last week, they're not my "high school years" they're my "Princess Diaries years," although they could also be better known as my "Meg Cabot years." I probably have a more vivid memory of when and where I read her books than, well, most things that happened in high school.
That is not at all sad to me, Meg herself has said high school is probably not the best years of our lives. I was there, and when I realized it was nothing like the books or Saved by the Bell made it out to be, I survived. And Meg is the one who helped me.

When I finally made friends, who never understood why I bothered reading and figured that was why I was "so smart." So smart in fact that they usually thought that I thought I was better than them because of it, (I used age leveled words, how horrible of me). Meg was still there.
And when these friends slowly began to "grow apart" and I was once again left alone; this time discovering depression along the way, Meg was there all over again.
(And so was a girl named Olivia; who very well could have been the inspiration for Olivia Harrison now that I think of it.)

I don't want to give Meg Cabot too much credit by saying I don't know where or even who I'd be if it wasn't for her and her books. But, really, I don't.
This blog probably wouldn't exist because if I had never read The Princess Diaries I probably wouldn't read as much as I do today. I wouldn't have a box filled with journals. I definitely wouldn't throw the word "self-actualized" around. There are so many things I wouldn't notice about the world, and so many things I never would have learned or understood. (FOIL method thank you very much.)

She was my first romance novel, the reason I fantasied about smashing someone's cell phone, the reason I thought it'd be cool to be a welder by day and dancer by night, and, again like always, the reason I not only read but write.

 "Who can say if I've been changed for the better, but because I knew you I have been changed for good."
In the direction this ended up going it only seem appropriate to end with a Wicked quote.

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