Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Song of the Moment [4/3]

This is a feature I've started where I pick a song that represents the week, day or month; that fits with a moment I recently had. Or that's been on repeat. Since very little happens to me on a weekly basis I only post every two weeks.

This is the last moment I'll be sharing here, of course it won't be the last moment I will be having so the playlists shall continue. Though I don't know if there'll be more songs or less.

That's not true. We will not always be together. Cute thought though.

Reason for the song; other than it being a nice song to say goodbye to, the Grease 40th Anniversary is coming up, (same day as the 10 year anniversary from when I graduated high school, but we didn't get together and sing how we'd never lose touch so I don't care about that) and not only will the singalong be showing at the Hollywood Bowl this summer (fingers crossed I get to go) it will also be showing in theaters this upcoming week. Which I won tickets to go see!
This will be the second time I see it on the "big screen." I've got my Pink Ladies jacket ready to go!

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