Friday, April 20, 2018

Top Blogging Moments

From the 2013 Loveathon:

To quote myself in my interview, when asked my "best experience:"

Other than getting to discover a lot more amazing books. I'd say my best experience would be last year [2012] when Mandy at The Romance Bookie asked if I'd co-host a Meg Cabot blog hop (the Meg-a-Readers), which she tweeted about, and Meg herself ended up not only helping to spread the word about it but sponsoring the giveaways we had throughout the two month event. It was so cool being mentioned on her blog and looking at the Referring URLs section on my blog and seeing 

From my first "Postaversary" Post April 2012:

Imagine looking at your stats and seeing:
Not to mention the mention she gave on her blog!
There we are right under a picture of her cat. Her CAT!

With that I'd say it's been a very good first year in blogging.
And I just realized she missed the Miss in Little Miss Drama Queen.

Safe to say I totally peaked my first year. I mean where was I suppose to go after Meg Cabot?
Alright the answer to that can be fairly limitless, but like I said in a post a few days ago I didn't put myself out there enough.
I'm alright with that (I kind of have to be anyway). Would I have liked being more involved? Of course. Would I love to be able to share more stories involving other authors? Absolutely!
But, well, shy girl blogging.

I do have another "top moment" that I realized last week while, once again, looking at my Referring URLs:

It's Mr. Feeny!


I said I realized it last week, but I was aware the link was added to the site last year shorty after I shared my review for his book. I'm clearly still star struck.
Especially since it's one of only three links.

Rereading that review, and all the others I've looked back on recently, I have to say those are my top moments. Getting to read so many wonderful books and being able to put, not only my thoughts, but a bit of myself into a review.

I may not have a lot of brag worthy top moments, but I do have many little happy ones; and really who could ask for anything more?

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