About Me

I've been a self-proclaimed drama queen since I was 12.

At 13 I became an avid reader, and never looked back.

At 18 I was a film student.

At 19 I became a homebody who enjoys being a homebody and dislikes anyone who questions me on it.

And at 21 I decided to start blogging.

At 22 I realized that I was meant to be a graphic designer.

At 24 I switched over to photography, (which apparently was in the making since I was 9.)

At 26 I began wondering how long this blog would last.

At 27 I realized that it was time to start letting this blog go.

At 28, I'm wondering why I wrote this section like this. I'm pretty sure it's from an introduction during a blogaversery.
I wrote an About Me Introduction almost every year for my blogoversary, and yet I never managed to get far with the general one here.

It's a mix of reasons, not fully knowing who I am, not knowing how much you want to know and how much I should reveal. Not wanting to reveal too much.

I'm a reader. A classic movie fan. I'm an introvert. I'm loud when I want to be.
In the end the best way to know who a person is is to get to know them.

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