Future of the Blog

The point of this post is to address something I wrote last year:

Will I be doing this in two more years?
It's something I've been asking myself often. I won't say it's kept me up at night but it probably does make an appearance when I'm already awake thinking about everything else....

I've decided that I will be pushing this blog to seven. I'm promising myself (and this blog) right here right now that there will be a seventh blogoversary. It may be my last but it will happen.

This thought has been running through my mind for a while but I think my 7th blogoversary will be my last.

And I mean my last everything. Like at the end there will be a goodbye post.

As I also say in the above post my argument for not wanting to stop has always been:

I remind myself that I'm not going to stop reading the books that I review and thanks to this blog I've found so many books and authors that I might have otherwise never known.
And that's not something I'd like to walk away from.

I don't want to walk away from that. But, it might be time to start thinking about it.

I don't want to be a once in a while blogger. "Hey I read a book, let's see if I remember my password and write a review on that blog I haven't updated in months." (At the end of last year I went down the list of blogs I follow and if the last post was more than six months I unfollowed them.) I want to give, at least, 85-90%. Let's face it, I'm not now giving 100%. I also don't want to be just reviews, that's what Goodreads is for. 
This blog is a part of my life, and for me you're either all in or out. I'm not a sit around and wait until I get acknowledged type and I don't want to do that to this blog.

When I started this blog I was an unsure 21 year old, and now that I'm an unsure 27 year old, I think it's time that I be sure of one thing.
And that's that I know this can't go on forever. That it's time to start focusing on other things. What those things are, I don't know. Like I've said multiple times before I don't let things get in my way of blogging. Life get's busy but this has always been my landing place.
I guess I now have a year to find a new landing place.

I finally have the hang of it all. So of course it's a perfect time to walk away.

Can I point out that I said might? At no point in that entire post did I give an affirmative. It's all "I think this will be my last year."

I did make the promise of making it to seven years but I also said it might be my last. At the time I doubt I was thinking, two more years and that's it. For me it's always been keep going until they make you stop. Who 'they' might be, I don't know since I also said that nothing short of a major life change was going to stop me. And even then I doubt it would have kept me down too long; as I've also said this is my constant, and it's always there when I need somewhere to go.

I was in tears when I realized this was my decision. I can't imagine walking away from it, and I kept reminding myself that I could totally change my mind in the coming year. I did say might.
I even tried to convince myself that I should take a six month break and see if I really want to give it up. I may or may not consider it.

But really I think it's time to start letting go. When I started I said it was mainly because I had a lot going through my mind so I might as well write some of it down. Of course I still have a lot going though my mind and as much as I'd like to keep writing it down, and trust me this year will be filled with them, I do think it's time to start the Farewell tour. Where my thoughts will go from then on, I don't have a clue.
Maybe I will be back six months later.

Something I kept pointing out while I was freaking out about this decision was that; it's a year from now! 12 months! 365 days!
That's at least 24 more book reviews (I only do two a month). On here anyway I will still be reviewing books on Goodreads. 50 more songs of the moment (although I would like to keep adding songs to those playlist even if I'm not sharing them) and who knows how many thoughts.
Now is not the time to start coming up wit a final post and saying goodbye.

Here's to one more year.


  1. Popping over from Seasons of Reading #SpringHorror readathon. I love your blog. Glad to hear you will continue it!

    1. Well continuing for one more year, I will be saying my goodbyes next April.