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I've mentioned here that I make jewelry, and on more than a few of those occasions I'm sure I've said I wanted to set up a shop to sell some of them. Well I finally did!

It's much like when I started this blog and kept saying I was just starting out months into the process. And much like that process I should try to remember what I wrote at my one year anniversary here:

...sometimes when I tell people about my blog I still say I'm starting out. Then I remember oh yeah I'm not really. Although I guess I sort of am, I'm still learning anyway. Still learning that I really need to put myself out there, still learning to devote myself to being more consistent with my postings, still learning that I do not need Dr Pepper to assist me when I write.

I definitely need to try and remember that second part; the hardest thing for me is putting myself out there.
But I am trying.

So what it Orimis? (pronounced like the ori- in origami). It's a combination of names- even though it bugs me when people do that- I couldn't help it. I wanted a name with mythology connections. Unfortunately a lot didn't work for me. Some made it feel like they were speaking for the type of jewelry, so it would of been weird when I went in a different view from that name. Others felt like "Well anyone can use that name."

For a while I went off the mythology and thought of using Little Miss Drama Queen but again that felt like it was giving it an image that it didn't really have.

So one day, while thinking of appeasing the people who suggested I use my own name, because Diana's Jewelry is so original, I thought of my favorite mythological character Artemis. The Greek goddess of the moon, hunt, and young maidens; whose Roman counterpart just happens to be: Diana.

That was my plan to use an equivalent of my name but not actually my name.

But it still felt a little flat. So I thought about one of Artemis' stories, in which she is great friends with Orion (depending on which version you look into they might have been "a little more than").
Spoiler: she kills him in the end; again it depends on the version but both ways it's the result of jealousy. Since she was so upset about what she did she decided to put him in the sky, creating the constellation.

I'm weird, in that I love sad endings. My favorite kind of romantic movie is when the characters don't end up together, I think it's the idea of having an open-ended ending.
So, of course, the story of Artemis and Orion is one of my favorites and I decided, if just in the name I created, I could ensure that they'll be close together.

Orion + Artemis = Orimis

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