Review Policy

I am currently not accepting any review request (I recently found a book that has been sitting there for, well way too long).
I will consider reviewing short stories or if I've previously reviewed one of your books.

Genres I’m interested in:
Like my blog description says "everything in between." Chic-lit, mystery, romance, erotica, fantasy, general fiction, dystopia, historical-fiction, mythology.

Genres I’m not interested in:
Sci-fi, religious, self-help, biographies, non-fiction.

epub or PDF. Physical copies are great too, (and might even result in a faster review time.)

Little hint: if you're real friendly and send follow ups asking nicely about my review time I might move your book up a bit. It let's me know that you're paying attention.
NOTE: I said ask my review time don't ask to have your book read first.

I mainly post reviews every other Friday, (only exclusions include pub days, blog tours, or special agreements). My review time can usually takes a couple of weeks to at least a month.

I can e-mail a link to the review when it's set to post if that’s something you’re interested in. Also if you'd like the review posted anywhere else (like Amazon) it'd be really helpful if you sent the link for that.

Pleas let me know if you'd rather I not post a review if the book is less than 3 stars. While I rarely go that low it does happen once in a while.

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